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Supporting Local Disaster Relief Efforts

2/3/2023 (Permalink)

5 women standing in front of American Red Cross Picture holding a check Pictured in photo: Liz Thompson- ARC, Barb Rapoza-SERVPRO, Sofia Piconi- ARC, Lorraine Bernier - ARC, Holly Merrill - SERVPRO

Over the past 15 years, the SERVPRO of Maine locations have worked together along with the help of so many within our communities and networks to raise money for the American Red Cross. SERVPRO of Maine donated another $12,500 from our collaboration in 2022 to the ARC of Maine Disaster Relief Fund. SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco is proud to be a part of this team. Way to go Team Green!


2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Jon, Joe, & Courtney's Free Fuel Fill-Up

How does $1000 toward heating your home this winter sound?

You could win with Jon, Joe & Courtney’s Free Fuel Fill-Up!

Enter by calling “Jon, Joe & Courtney’s Free Fuel Fill-Up Hotline” at (207) 200-6749, and in 30 seconds or less, tell us why you should win.  101.9 POR’s Jon, Joe and Courtney will randomly select one winner each week!

Jon, Joe & Courtney’s Free Fuel Fill-Up is driven by locally-owned Waltz & Sons Propane, Maine Community Bank, and RCA Records!  Support also provided by Matt and Lisa True – owners of SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco and SERVPRO of the Sebago Lake Region.

'Tis The Season

12/27/2021 (Permalink)

Megan and Caryn posing with Christmas gifts SERVPRO donated to the Salvation Army.

Tis the season of giving back to those around us. During this special time of year, we love spreading holiday cheer! SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco and SERVPRO of the Sebago Lake Region make it a priority each year to purchase gifts for families in need. This year we partnered with the Salvation Army in Old Orchard Beach, ME. Our employees Caryn and Megan went on a shopping spree to gather items on a Wishlist. These items included coloring books, crayons, markers, Legos, Play-Doh, etc.

When delivering the items they were given a tour of the facility from Dan and Karen Brunelle who run the facility... It was AMAZING to see all of the items they were able to collect for these families. Each year they begin prepping for Christmas in October because there is so much to sort out and get ready for. We are so thankful to partner with such a great organization! 

Thankful For The Season Of Giving

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Thanksgiving is the time to really reflect on what you are thankful for. Here at SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco and The Sebago Lakes Region, we know we are so thankful for our employees, customers and being able to help others get back on their feet when disasters arise. We feel grateful for all that our company believes in and strives for.

Our values include giving back when we can. This year we decided to give back to our community and donate turkeys to the Stone Soup Food Pantry in Biddeford, Maine for the second year in a row! The pantry has been around for 25 years and is continuing to thrive offering a reliable place for people to receive food. They are 100 percent volunteer based which is so humbling to be within a community so focused on giving back. They welcome any new volunteers and donations – please contact Co-Director, Michelle Gionest.

We also send so much gratitude to our frontline healthcare workers and first responders in aiding our communities in these times of uncertainty. SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco and The Sebago Lakes Region gives a sincere thank you to our true Heroes!

Happy Halloween

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Happy Halloween!

With spooky season being here, we wanted to share some safety tips for home decorating and celebrating the holiday.

Every homeowner will want to start buying and displaying Halloween decorations inside and outside their homes. So within this article, we
will be discussing different decorating tips to help you have the spookiest nut safest home in your

Tip Number 1: Opt for battery-operated candles in jack-o'-lanterns. Reduce any fire hazards by using solar or battery operated candles. This choice is also smart to avoid any potential harm to trick or treaters!

Tip Number 2: Be sure that the extension cords you use outside are rated for outdoor use to avoid any fire hazards. Also, don't overload extension cords. Your cord should be the correct amps for what you're plugging into it.

Tip Number 3: Dispose of your carved pumpkins after the holiday. You will want to avoid mold growth! 

Tip Number 4: Keep your home brightly lighted indoor and outdoor for the trick or treaters to avoid any accidents. Be sure to remove or highlight any potential tripping hazards, such as electrical cords. 

Remember - BE SAFE and Happy Halloween and SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco and The Sebago Lakes Region is here for you!

Season of Giving

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Chandler Brooks (Operations Manager), Michelle Gionest (Co-Director of Stone Soup Food Pantry), Kimberly Veilleux (Marketing Representative)

This Thanksgiving holiday season, the SERVPRO team of Biddeford-Saco & The Sebago Lake Region, donated two dozen turkeys to The Stone Soup Food Pantry. A big thank you to Biddeford Hannaford for supplying our purchase! Brian & Manny were amazing employees in helping make this happen!

The pantry has officially reached their goal of 200 turkeys! That is 200 hundred families that maybe once thought they wouldn’t be able to celebrate the holiday are now going to be able to have a thanksgiving meal.

The pantry has been around for nearly 25 years and is continuing to thrive offering a reliable place for people to receive food. Their mission is to help the less fortunate in ALL the surrounding communities and not only for Biddeford residents, which is what makes them unique. They are one hundred percent volunteer based which is truly amazing. They always welcome anyone to help so if you are interested in volunteering or would like to make a donation, contact Co-Director, Michelle Gionest.

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” –W. Clement Stone

It is often easy for some of us to forget that the holiday season is not always the easiest and cheerful for some. Giving back to your community, either by buying gifts, donating warm clothing or food to a local pantry will truly give you the real meaning of the holidays. Don’t forget how fortunate you are and kind in mind that someone out there may not be as fortunate.

We encourage you to stop in and visit the wonderful pantry, donate or even volunteer. Be sure to visit their website and tune in on their upcoming TV series!

Fryeburg Fair 2019

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

Squeegee watching the horse races!

Fryeburg Fair

We attended the 169th Annual Fryeburg Fair for the second year and our mascot squeegee came along with us! We had a booth set up along with many other vendors on Commercial Row. There was a $100 Visa Gift Card drawing (Congrats Victor Wright!), candy, giveaways and even squeegees found new homes! We got to meet so many new faces and say hi to familiar ones! It was great time to be able to connect with local businesses and see what is happening among our state. We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather Maine had to offer during this week and the food too!


The Fryeburg Fair started in 1851 when a few local farmers and merchants got together and decided to show off their harvest, produce, cattle and wares to the local community. Fast forward to this past year being the year the fair is Maine’s Blue Ribbon Classic is the largest agricultural fair in the state. It is ranked the second largest agricultural fair in New England. There is now around 100 buildings, 40 departments and 600 employees. 

We look forward to attending next year!

Lead Paint Is Still a Major Hazard

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

We know that lead is dangerous, yet the World Health Organization estimates that there are over 140,000 lead poisoning deaths per year worldwide.  And there are over 600,000 new cases of lead poisoning annually in children with intellectual disabilities caused by lead exposure, mostly in low and middle income countries.  However, our kids in the U. S. are not safe if they are exposed to lead in paint. in older homes built prior to 1978.

Even at low levels of exposure, lead affects the development of a child’s brain and causes behavioral changes including a shortened attention span and anti-social behavior both in and out of school. As most of us have experienced, children put almost everything in their mouth and the pathogens in lead are easily transmitted.

In 1971, the federal Lead Poisoning Prevention Act was passed, and in 1978, the federal government banned consumer uses of lead paint. Builders of homes and commercial buildings were no longer able to use lead-based paint, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a final ban on lead-containing paint and on toys and furniture coated with such paint.

In 1996 the U.S. government issued the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Regulation by which all

owners of homes built prior to 1978 are required to inform potential buyers of all known information on the presence of lead based paint in the home.

Still, there are still thousands of children developing health problems every year from lead exposure in pre-1978 houses and other older buildings. However, they are not the only ones affected. Construction workers and employees in homes and buildings that are not cleaned are also affected, and in many cases they bring the problem home to their children.

Here at SERVPRO we do lead mitigation in homes and buildings and have been for many years. Under OSHA Regulations all people working on a lead mitigation job must wear protective clothing and all clothing and equipment must be repaired or replaced as needed to maintain its safety and effectiveness.  In addition, all protective clothing must be removed at the end of a work shift in changing rooms that include showers provided for that purpose.

All SERVPRO technicians who work with lead issues must go through the Renovation, Repair, Painting certification program (RRP) and know the OSHA Regulations before they can even step into a clean room to start a job.

If you know anyone who has a home built prior to 1978 and they have children or are newlyweds buying and possibly rehabbing an older home, tell them that they should have the home checked for lead-based paint.

Call SERVPRO of Biddeford -Saco at 207-283-4428.

Thanks to the World Health Organization for all the data.

Holiday Safety Tips for Our Customers, Families and Friends

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

This is a Christmas tree after 3 minutes in a living room

The Holidays are almost here, and in the last five years almost two hundred families per year had their holidays ruined by fires that started on a Christmas tree resulting  in over $12 million dollars in property damage because they were not prepared.

Here are some actions to take to insure your family’s Holiday safety:

  • Electric lighting is involved in 43% of home Christmas tree fires including old frayed wiring, loose connections, overloaded outlets, especially with power strips, or a candle too close to the tree.
  • Two of every five Christmas tree fires started in the living room, family room, or den.
  • Keep the tree watered because a dried out tree will burn with a flashover occurring in less than one minute.
  • More than half of decoration fires were started by candles, especially in the kitchen where more decoration fires start than in the living room, family room, or den.
  • Inspect your strings of lights before hanging them for frayed cords or loose connections. When buying new light strings, extension cords, electrical decorations, or out-door spot lights make sure the certification marks are from an accredited certification organization like Underwriters Lab (UL) or CSA International certification in Canada.
  • Outdoors lights must have their connections off the ground and especially away from metal gutters. It’s best to use plastic clips or insulated tape to keep the lights in place instead of nails.
  • Never string extension cords together. Take the time to buy the correct length so they will not get tangled or stretched to the breaking point.
  • If you have a gas fireplace the glass panel in front must be intact. If it is cracked or broken have a qualified technician replace it.
  • If you have a wood burning fireplace make sure the screen is complete and not subject to falling over since kids have a way with screens.

If you or someone you know has trouble with Fire or soot Call SERVPRO of Biddeford                -Saco at 207-283-4428.

Thanks to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and for all the data.

FREE CE Class for Insurance Adjusters!

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Have you ever wondered what happens after a water loss occurs? Join us August 20th for a free course on Restorative Drying for Water Damage!

SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco is holding a FREE, yes free, CE credited course on Restorative Drying for Water Damage (Course number 24204).  It is aimed at and will provide credits for insurance adjusters and agents but all are welcome.  

The course will take place Monday August 20th, 2018 at the Hampton Inn by Hilton in Saco.  It is a four hour credited course starting promptly at 9:00am and concluding at 1:00pm.  Coffee, water and light refreshments will be provided.

This course has been designed to provide a better understanding of the restorative drying process that takes place after a water damage loss occurs.  Join SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco for a fun and informational morning!

To sign-up call the office at 207-283-4428 or email Alicia at

SERVPRO 49th Annual Convention

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Alicia, Kim, Lisa, and Matt getting ready for the first general session

Green green and more green! Everywhere you turned at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel was covered in that familiar green and orange SERVPRO colors. With about 90% of the hotel booked for the Annual SERVPRO convention, you couldn't turn anywhere without seeing at least a group of friendly faces sporting that SERVPRO logo. Owners Matt and Lisa True, Office manager Kim Miller, and myself Marketing rep Alicia Girard attended the 49th Annual SERVPRO convention this past week June 25th - June 29th and attended several workshops and exciting general sessions.

This was my personal first time attending convention, and it was not at all what I expected! I was prepared with my notebook and ready for long sessions of detailed note taking, but when the stage was taken over by light shows, loud music, and dancing, I knew I was in for a whole new experience. SERVPRO had an amazing way of educating about new technology coming up, while keeping things light and exciting. The workshops were focused on smaller groups that allowed for personal conversations and in depth details shared between franchises of strategies that worked and ones that didn't. It was a great opportunity to meet with other members of the SERVPRO family, and to see all the great way SERVPRO is helping all around the country.

While this was my first convention, it will definitely not be my last! I had such a blast getting to know everyone and learning more about the SERVPRO brand and values, and it made me appreciate being a part of such an amazing company. 

Golfing our way to preparedness

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

For more information about becoming a sponsor, call SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco

Each year, SERVPRO franchises of Maine combine our resources to host a golf tournament benefiting the American Red Cross of Maine's Local Disaster Relief. This year we are excited to be celebrating our 11th year! 

We came up with the idea of an “Appreciation Day” ten years ago and every year it has continued to grow and evolve. It is a day for us to thank insurance adjusters, agents, property managers, real estate agents and other professionals from all over Maine. This event is our opportunity to show our appreciation to these individuals, because without them, none of what we do would be possible. Over the past nine years, we have raised over $100,000 for the American Red Cross of Maine’s Local Disaster Relief fund. We hope you will join us in continuing this tradition and help those that are in need of the American Red Cross’s disaster relief services by becoming a sponsor of our 10th Annual Appreciation Day Golf Outing.

If your business would be interested in becoming a sponsor or donating items to this sucessful event, please reach out to our marketing representative, Alicia Girard, at the office number 207-283-4428

Helping Our Furry Friends

12/21/2017 (Permalink)

Kim, Caryn, and Alicia drop off blankets and towels with some help of Ben the pup!

SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco has been collecting blankets for the Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk over the course of the previous months. Before Christmas we happily dropped them off and visited the puppies and kitties.

In September we attend the Strut your Mutt event and had a booth with doggy treats and flyers about our donation drive. We made it simpler for the AWS by taking all the donations and washing them so they didn't have to. 

Animal shelters are always in need of blankets and towels to help keep the animals warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. Giving your old blankets or towels can be your way of giving back to the community. Being able to provide blankets for the shelters will bring the animals comfort and provide a secureness to their surroundings.

The next time you're going through old blankets and towles keep your furry friends at the AWS in mind.

SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco

Community Outreach During the Christmas Season

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

Caryn True And Alicia Girard with gifts for a family in need

Tis the season to give

SERVPRO Biddeford-Saco partnered up with the Salvation Army this holiday season and adopted a family in need. Our company finds such gratitude within helping those around us, weather it be putting your home back together after a tragic disaster or even gathering some Christmas gifts for a local family.

The Salvation Army is a great group to become connected with... Like SERVPRO, they like to put peoples lives back together. They help families after disasters, providing food for the homeless, run thrift stores, and during the holiday seasons help families who are less fortunate.

Our marketing representatives Caryn True and Alicia Girard took an afternoon together and gathered winter jackets, boots, hats and mittens, along with some toys!

Merry Christmas,

SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco

SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco lends a hand to the Waterboro Community Food Pantry

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Waterboro's new Community Food Pantry, now open!

On January 25th, 2017 our cleaning crew headed out to help give a hand to the new Waterboro Community Food Pantry located at 26 Townhouse Road in Waterboro, Maine.  The new community food pantry was in the final stage of completion and called upon SERVPRO of Biddeford-Saco to do a thorough clean prior to the grand opening.  We were happy to jump at the opportunity to work with our surrounding community and give back.  After two and a half years under director Cleo Smith’s hard work the pantry’s ribbon cutting ceremony took place January 30th, 2017.  For more information about the food pantry and for ways to donate please visit their website, Waterboro Community Pantry.  

More About Our Cleaning Services

We provide a wide variety of cleaning services to the York County, Kennebunk, Biddeford, Saco region.  Our services are for residential and commercial. A list of our cleaning services includes but is not limited to:

  • Biohazard and Sewage
  • Trauma and Crime Scene
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Ceilings, Walls and Hard Floors
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Vandalism

Moving, buying a house, need a Spring clean in your work office or your carpets washed at home?  Give us a call at 207-283-4428 to schedule an appointment today.